Things 4, 5 and 6 – all in a flutter

As I’ve only just starting using social media I wasn’t expecting to have much of a digital footprint –   but I did think that I might be “present” as I’ve been using LinkedIn for a while (and used to take part in group conversations). However, Google didn’t find me until I also searched for work-related key words (e.g. eSMART). As expected, I was totally invisible on socialmention.

Having looked at some of the additional reading and colleagues’ sites (academic and business) I’ve decided to explore the various options further over the next few weeks and then decide how best to increase my online presence.  I’ll create accounts for “things” which I’m most likely to use and keep up to date

Thinking about Twitter, I came across something which might be of interest and posted it separately; see thing-5-twitter-article on social media outside 9 to 5.

When it comes to finding images and cartoons I’ve been searching bing, having selected a licence level of “Free to modify, share and use commercially”. Looking forward to Creative Commons (Thing 17) to see what the difference is. I hadn’t tried Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest before.

As a cat lover (thanks for the image at the top of Thing 6) here’s an image from Creative Commons area of Flickr.  Credit Nationaal Archief URL:



Things 4, 5 and 6 – all in a flutter

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