Things 21 and 22 – pulling it all together

Getting access to *Research et al was problematic. I wondered if this was because I was in Glasgow – and therefore a long way from a campus device.  However, a lady from “Journals” discovered that it worked using Google Chrome whereas I’d used Windows Explorer.  (“Oh for standards” I hear (some of) you exclaim.)  So eventually I managed to access and have a look around the various options.

*Unity appealed to me for several reasons, including the fact that the organisation running it will be bound by the EU Data Protection legislation (servers in Netherlands and set up in UK). The other thing that appealed is its university roots and focus.  I was slightly put off by the fact that you can’t read the T&C until you’ve entered your details.  I found its comparison of itself to Dropbox and Sharepoint ( interesting.  Anyway I’ve created an account and will use it for sharing things, being aware of the need for backups etc. as our fellow “23 Things-er” pointed out here.

As I’ve had an active LinkedIn account for some time and have my previous career and contacts outside of academia to consider I have decided to make my LinkedIn account the hub of my online presence.

Things 21 and 22 – pulling it all together

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