Things 14 – 17 Research in electronic world

Each “Thing” that we learn about can be useful in certain instances. Using them together in various combinations can be even more powerful e.g. reaching more people thereby increasing personal reach and potentially, academic impact. Here’s an unusual calculation which demonstrates this:

Thing 5 + Thing 14 = Tweetations

Or, put another way

Twitter + Open Access = Tweetations

An example is here

JHF-In the Loop: The Organization of Team-Based Communication in a Patient-Centered Clinical Collaboration System | Kurahashi | JMIR Human Factors

As someone gathering literature I am thankful for online access, ResearchGate and open access.

It will be interesting to see if / how open access affects the citation cycle, and thus the window required for reliable post publication impact in bibliometric terms. I also wondered if bibliometrics and altmetrics will merge, or be combined, at some point – then learned about Scopus’s liking for donuts. There are now plenty of old, paper-based journal articles which have been scanned and are therefore available online, so they could be Tweeted too. (Normalisation required of course.)

Things 14 – 17 Research in electronic world